Visualize and control

your complex asset management processes

through a game changing interface


Boost your operational intelligence

with intuitive and compelling field reports


Reduce your operational costs

with field personnel and subcontracting productivity gains,

better coordination, and subsequently, better asset availability.


Real-time, IOT ready,

capture of your field data and equipment status.



Leverage the « WHERE » of your asset data to enable location based installation and maintenance processes.

Get real-time asset status from your field personnel or your connected machines for shorter response time.

The right team, the right equipment, the right parts at the right place.

Empower your field personnel with rich and contextual information to perfectly execute on their MRO tasks.


Our customers have very simple needs: they want to know what is going on, and where.

Each of our projects starts with a pilot phase involving the digitization and characterization of a portion of their asset base.

Thereby, they can easily spot and prepare for supply chain, field workforce and subcontractor-related optimization opportunities.

Then, a second phase starts, where we register all processes to be improved (including their supporting data sources, tangible and intangible resources, workflows) in order to provide them with a seamless integration of any given asset management process within our intuitive interface.

Integration with ERP or proprietary IT systems isn’t an issue : our product amplifies distress signals and simplifies workforce management thanks to data drawn from our customers existing solutions. Oxygis simply enables a more ergonomic, timely and modern way to interact with asset-related management data.


« Line and column » ERPs and data management solutions are very useful repositories and data conveyors, yet they give users a very poor choice of data display, as well as frustratingly limited data manipulation options.

Asset management units and field service teams deserve compelling and useful tools to operate and repair your revenue-generating equipment.

Our diagnosis module allows you to visualize and monitor asset condition in two ways: inspection visit reports through mobile devices and continuous asset health status through IOT solutions. Asset condition information is conveyed into the map and attached to its location.

Oxygis can accompany you in the maturing process through reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance processes.


Prepare to change the way you plan for the better! Oxygis allows you to plan directly from within the map all tasks and associated resources with a simple touch.

Turn asset condition insight into action with a few clicks with a real-time view on your service supply chain. Oxygis Smart Planning allows you to simulate and trigger the best operational decisions according to a variety of factors: degree of urgency, distance between SKUs, between equipment and field teams, SLAs, personnel availability, optimal fleet vehicle range, availability of required parts, tools and machinery booking, etc.

Reporting: in traditional IT environments, the same information must be encoded several times over. Matrix organisations are crippled with back-office data entry tasks. Oxygis eliminates the need for those by automatically landing activity reports in your relevant interfaces, using the format you want.

Don’t lose track of the work done: equipment history is incremented each time an asset or one of its components is installed, replaced or modified. This greatly reduces the risk of unregistered work and unrecognized MRO costs. Because you can attach inventory, personnel and other costs directly to asset ID cards, you will never lose track of how much of your operating budget is spent, where, when and why.


Maps will be essential for your intelligence of what goes on, they already play a great role in the day-to-day of your connected technicians and subcontractors.

We provide you and them with a mobile and collaborative app that greatly enhances productivity and transparency.

Oxygis Field Work Management allows you to describe the job to be done using your relevant templates and to control in real time the mission / work progress using a check-in / check-out system dedicated to tracking the intervention of its key resources (project manager, machine operator, installation or maintenance agent, subcontractor agent, etc.)

The app synchronizes in real time with your Oxygis office application or can work offline until an internet connection is recovered. Field data entry consists in the digitization of asset information that we facilitate at all steps in order to collect only the relevant and important asset data you will need for diagnosis and planning.

Rich media and documentation can be attached within the mobile work order to provide a real-time assistance to in-training workers.

Asset and intervention history is accessible from within the mobile app to help field workers make the right assessment and take the right decisions.